how to apply SVM algorithm for classification for multispectral remote sensing data?

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i am going to separate various colors from the image using SVM so want to know how to start ?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2014
How many color classes do you have? Are you sure SVM is the best approach - why do you want to use it? I think it's mainly for two class situations but there is a multi-class extension to it.
I have some color segmentation demos in my File Exchange:

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Yinguang Li
Yinguang Li on 7 Jan 2014
You can go to the website for more information, or type 'demo toolbox statistics' in your matlab command window suppose you have a statistical toolbox installed.
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Priyanka Athawale
Priyanka Athawale on 8 Jan 2014
hello sir,
thank u for ur reply ..!! I have statistic toolbox , N got the option feature selection there . but how to proceed for SVM after that? and I have only one image , so how to check its accuracy , whether the classification is accurate or not??

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