How can I use edge function

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Faranak on 6 Jan 2014
Commented: Faranak on 6 Jan 2014
Hello, I have problem with using edge function. I am trying to find some boundaries in a dicom file but I can not use edge function and canny filter. I have read all the thing in the help of the matlab.
This is the error :
Attempt to execute SCRIPT edge as a function:
Error in test6 (line 18)
bw = edge(a3,'canny');
I do not know what to do. Look forward to your answers. Thanks

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Jan 2014
Edited: Image Analyst on 6 Jan 2014
The problem is you called your m-file script "edge.m". Call it something else, since the edge() function is already a built in function and what you are trying to do in your "test6" script is to call your "edge" script (edge.m) and not the built-in edge function. After you rename your m-file to my_edge.m or whatever, it should be fine.
Faranak on 6 Jan 2014
yeaaa.I found it :d , Thank you so much

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