quick loging and un-logging of Simulink signals

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For debugging and test recording purposes, I need to record a lot of signal data. The way I used to do this is to use the (right click) context menu to connect the signal to a view, and then to save the model signal logging oblect. Since this feature is marked for obsolescense, I am trying to learn an efficient way to use signal logging data. But, regarding work efficiency, the only way to "log" a signal is to open the form for each signal and to check a box. This is very slow.
What would be really nice is to be able to do things like log/un-log a signal from the context menu. Even better would be able to be able to log all inputs and or outputs to a system with 1 menu command, or to be able to log all highlighted signals with 1 menu command. Does any of the capability exist in Simulink?

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 26 Dec 2013
From 13b release notes:
Data Management
Streamlined selection of one or more signals for signal logging In the Simulink Editor, you no longer need to open the Signal Properties dialog box to enable signal logging for a signal. Instead: Select one or more signals. Click the Record button arrow and click Log/Unlog Selected Signals.
If that doesn't do it you can do it programatically if you know the signal name.

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