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Save last figure position

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Adi Navve
Adi Navve on 6 Jul 2011
Is there a way to save the position property of the last active figure?
Regards, Adi
Edit: OK, Thank you for answering so quickly.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 6 Jul 2011
What is "last"? The last one before closing the Matlab session? The position of a dialog before closing?
For the later you can define the CloseRequestFcn and DeletFcn such that "get(FigureHandle, 'Position')" is used to get the position and store it in the format you want.

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Gerd on 6 Jul 2011
Hi Adi,
sure you can save the position of the figure.
% get current figure paper position
position = get(gcf,'PaperPosition');
Now you can save the position in a .txt file or in .mat or whatever
Jan on 6 Jul 2011
I assume the 'Position' property is meant.
Gerd on 6 Jul 2011
OK Jan then
position = get(gcf,'Position');

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