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How can I draw a 3D-cylinder pile up by 2D-circles???

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How can I draw a 3D-cylinder pile up by 2D-circles??? or maybe slice a cylinder into pieces? please help ^^

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sixwwwwww on 14 Dec 2013
Edited: sixwwwwww on 14 Dec 2013
you can make a cylinder from piles as follow using cylinder in MATLAB:
NumberOfPiles = 5; % Number of piles in cylinder
Radius = 1; % Radius of cylinder
NumberOfPoints = 100; % Number of points to control smoothness of sylinder curve, more points better smoothness
for i = 1:NumberOfPiles
[x, y, z] = cylinder(Radius, NumberOfPoints);
surf(x, y, z + i), hold on
See following link for more information about cylinder:
I hope it helps. Good luck!
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Justin Chan
Justin Chan on 21 Mar 2019
Hi, what if i have a surface plot constructed by 5 circle 2D plots at the same Y position but different X position in 2D space, how can i find the Volume within the surface?

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