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returning output of nested function

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John on 9 Dec 2013
Edited: Wayne King on 9 Dec 2013
Hi there,
I have a function nested inside another function. How can I get the main function to return the output of the nested function so that I can see it in the workspace? I want to the "fval" as an output below.
Thank you
function [output1,output2] = OptimiseEnergy(input1,input2,input3,input4)
% do stuff with inputs 1-4
[x, fval] = linprog(obj_vec, a, b,[],[],lb,ub,x0,options)

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 9 Dec 2013
Edited: Wayne King on 9 Dec 2013
You have to assign fval to one of the outputs of the top-level function.
Or add fval as an output of the top-level function -- OptimiseEnergy
For example:
function [x,y,z] = playfunc(a,b)
% a and b are equal size vectors
x = a+b;
y = a-b;
z = conv(x,y);
conv.m is called inside playfunc.m and the output of conv is returned from playfunc.m

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