numerical integraion with array limits

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Wenjuan on 6 Dec 2013
Edited: Sergio Quesada on 1 Jun 2018
I am trying to work out the integrals that are function of one of the limits, and both limits are vectors:
As a and b must be scalars, so integral won’t work here. Someone suggested using arrayfun in the answers to a similar question in April where only one limit is a vector, how to do this?

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Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 6 Dec 2013
Edited: Mike Hosea on 6 Dec 2013
Assuming you want each individual integral to be
Qab = @(aj,bj)integral(@(x)lognpdf(bj-x,2,1),aj,bj)
Q = arrayfun(Qab,a,b)
You don't have to rename a and b in Qab, as they are "scoped" to be distinct from the previously defined a and b vectors, but I just did it for clarity.
Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 22 Jan 2014
Yes, but the problem is that the value for b is obtained as a snapshot when @(x)b-x is created. You should be able to work around this problem by inlining the creating of ymax, i.e.

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Sergio Quesada
Sergio Quesada on 1 Jun 2018
Edited: Sergio Quesada on 1 Jun 2018
Hi everybody, I'm working on a similar easier case, but with no success... I'm trying to evaluate
liminf=ones(1,20); syms x;
beeing 'a' an escalar, and 'r' also a 1x20 array. That is, 20 different integrals from 1 to each value of 'r'
It sais:
Error using integral (line 85)
A and B must be floating-point scalars.
Thankyou so much !!

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