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Is there an easy way to localize an output (set the language)

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Mostly I keep my output in english - but quite often I'm asked to produce tables and plots in german.
Till now I was changing the strings in all my scripts. But almost everytime I also add other changes which I would like to reuse. So I end up translating the same lines over and over again.
I wonder - is there an easier way to do it?

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Gerd on 4 Jul 2011
Hi Clemens,
I often use a cell arrays to do the language change, e.g.
string{2} = 'Hallo';
language = 1
language = 2
When you change the language setting the result is different
Gerd on 4 Jul 2011
Usually I put all my "Strings" in a separate file. That is my dictionary :-) In this file I can add or replace or delete different kinds of messages. Of course I can also use some string multiple times......
You are right when you say there might be a more systematic solution but I think the translation in my "dictionary" is better :-)
Clemens on 5 Jul 2011
I see. Guess I will try to write a tool for that :P

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