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Can I have multiple rows of editor tabs to show all my open files?

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I use the editor tab bar on the top of my editor window to navigate the files that I'm currently working on. I always have too many files open to show them all in the editor tab bar, so I have to use the drop-down list to find files, which is cumbersome. I would like to have several rows of tabs instead of just one. Is this possible, maybe with some undocumented matlab features?
I know I can display the tab bar on the side, but this doesn't work well with my desktop layout and wastes a lot of space if the number of files open is small.

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Hari Prasanth
Hari Prasanth on 2 Oct 2016
Me too looking for an answer to the same
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Thomas on 22 Sep 2022
I totally agree. I've been using UltraEdit as an editor with multi-window UI similar to Matlab's. However, UltraEdit's multi-row tab arrangement (when turned on) us a huge productivity and ease-of-use increaser that the Matlab community would be delighted to have!

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Anton on 6 Feb 2018
I need it as well. That would be very useful to have in future versions of Matlab.

Juha on 24 Feb 2020
This would be very nice to have indeed.

jessupj on 3 Mar 2023
(at least) in R2022b, there are settings to change the 'tab position' (including to a vertical list on the right side) as well as an option to 'shrink tabls to fit'. right click on the the tabs to bring up the options. while it doens't solve the problem, it provides better options than the horrible scroll arrow. wish i'd found this sooner.


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