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Chace on 5 Nov 2013
Answered: Andy on 5 Nov 2013
I am trying to use "importdata" program to import a txt file, but in order for the importdata to read the file, it must be a string. Is there a way to convert the txt file into a string. The txt file is one column of 1500 different numbers (a graph). Thanks!
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Simon on 5 Nov 2013
Please show the code you tried and a few (!) lines of the file to be read.

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Andy on 5 Nov 2013
"importdata" will work with a .txt file that is just a series of numbers ie. 1 2 4 5 7 9 8 7 3 0 Using notepad I created a .txt file with those numbers in a single column and importdata read them in as a variable 10 x 1. Is there something unusual about how your .txt file is being stored/created?



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