Root pointer location outputs same value

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j dr
j dr on 8 Feb 2011
I designed a script to break out of a loop using the mouse cursor instead of ctrl+c This worked well using get(0,'PointerLocation') until I force quit MATLAB while running an infinite loop (perhaps abusing the get command on the root).
Now the values got stuck to half my screen Size and wherever I move my mouse the values do not change. I can change them manually using set(0,'PointerLocation',[x y]) but this dosen't change my mouse position or fix the issue that the value remains the same.
Is there any way to reset/fix this ?
I'm running MATLAB (R2009b) 64-bit on MAC OS X 10.6.6 intel core i7

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j dr
j dr on 8 Feb 2011
Even aftershutting down it didn't fix itself.
Now it's working again... I guess it's a problem that fixes itself regularly...

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