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How to save a variable from a function and use it in another function in MATLAB GUI?

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I have made a MATLAB GUI which has two buttons. I want to perform some tasks on CallBack event of both these buttons.
I have obtained a variable FileName when the first button is pressed. But as soon as the function of first button ends, the variable gets deleted. I want to use this variable when the second button is pressed which is obviously a different function. Since, the first function variable is deleted as soon as the function ends, how can I use this variable within the second button's function.
I know how to do it by saving it as .mat and recalling it but it will make the GUI interface unfriendly. Can you please tell me another way to save a variable before the first function ends and recall it later in the second function?
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Gerd on 22 Jun 2011
Hi Asad,
before the "first button" function end use
mydata.value = "directory result"
At the beginning of the "second button" function use
mydata = getappdata(gcf, 'mydata');
disp(mydata.value); % shows the value
Muhammad Asad
Muhammad Asad on 22 Jun 2011
Actually the first button is the browse button. So, in the first button function, I have this code:
FullPath=[PathName FileName]
Now, I want to use this FullPath variable to be passed to second function. Can you tell me how the above code lines should be modified according to these variable names?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 22 Jun 2011
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Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar on 22 Jun 2011
Yes.I had suggested the same
in OP's thread in newsgroup-

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