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Signal Preprocessing and Feature Extraction for Data Analytics with MATLAB

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This one-day course shows how to use MATLAB®, Signal Processing Toolbox™, and Wavelet Toolbox™ to preprocess time-based signals and extract key features in the time and frequency domains. This course is intended for data scientists and engineers analyzing signals (time series) for data analytics applications. No prior knowledge on signal processing is needed for this course. Topics include:
  • Creating, importing, and visualizing signals
  • Preprocessing to improve data quality, including filling data gaps, resampling, smoothing, aligning signals, finding and removing outliers, and handling non-uniformly sampled signals
  • Extracting features in the time and frequency domains, including finding patterns in signals, finding change points, locating peaks, and identifying trends

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Explore and Analyze Signals (Time Series) in MATLAB

Objective: Learn to easily import and visualize multiple signals or time series data sets to gain insights into the features and trends in the data.

  • Import, visualize, and browse signals to gain insights
  • Make measurements on signals
  • Compare multiple signals in the time and frequency domain
  • Perform interactive spectral analysis
  • Extract regions of interest for focused analysis
  • Recreate analysis with auto-generated MATLAB scripts

Preprocess Signals to Improve Data Set Quality

Objective: Learn techniques to clean signal sets with operations such as resampling, removing outliers, and filling gaps.

  • Perform resampling to ensure a common time base across signals
  • Work with non-uniformly sampled data
  • Find gaps in data and remove or fill gaps
  • Remove noise and unwanted frequency content
  • Perform wavelet denoising
  • Use the envelope spectrum to perform fault analysis
  • Locate outlier values in data and replace them with acceptable data
  • Locate signal changepoints and use boundaries to automatically create signal segments

Extract Features from Signals

Objective: Apply different techniques in time and frequency domains to extract features. Become familiar with the spectral analysis tools in MATLAB and explore ways to bring out features for multiple signals.

  • Locate peaks
  • Locate desired signals from patterns in the time and spectral domains
  • Use spectral analysis to extract features from signals
  • Perform classification using supervised learning
  • Use the Classification Learner app to interactively train and evaluate classification algorithms

Level: Intermediate


Duration: 1 day

Languages: English, 中文, 한국어

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