MATLAB and Simulink Training

MathWorks Training Credits

MathWorks training credits allow companies to purchase training in volume with a single purchase order, reducing administrative overhead when planning and approving employee training.

Why use MathWorks training credits?

Use MathWorks training credits to forecast training costs and receive discounts when purchasing large quantities. Purchase now and attend later.

How can I use MathWorks training credits?

Virtual and In-Person Classes

Use MathWorks training credits for virtual and classroom offerings in private and public settings.


Use MathWorks training credits for MATLAB Associate and MATLAB Professional certification exams.

In Lieu of Other Payment Methods

Use MathWorks training credits instead of other forms of payment for any public and private course within one year of purchase.

Who can purchase MathWorks training credits?

All commercial, government, academic, and individual users can purchase MathWorks training credits.

How do I calculate the number of credits needed for a specific course?

Simply divide the total cost of the course by the value of a credit. Countries and sector credit values are listed below:

Country and Currency Credit Value (Commercial) Credit Value (Academic) 
Australia (AUD) 50 25
China (CNY) 250 125
Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain (EUR) 50 25
India (INR) 1,000 500
Japan (JPY) 5,000 2,500
Korea (KRW) 25,000 12,500
New Zealand (NZD) 50 25
Norway/Denmark (NOK/DKK) 500 250
Sweden (SEK) 500 250
Switzerland (CHF) 50 25
UK (GBP) 50 25
US (USD) 50 25

How long can MathWorks training credits be used?

All MathWorks training credits are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. 

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