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This one-day course focuses on using Simulink Design Verifier™ to ensure that a design is devoid of possible design errors, is fully tested, and satisfies necessary requirements. Topics include:
  • Detecting and debugging common design errors
  • Collecting model coverage
  • Completing missing coverage using automatic test generation
  • Proving model properties for requirements-based verification
  • Handling model complexity for efficient analysis

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Understanding the Verification Workflow

Objective: Become familiar with the verification workflow and learn to prepare a model and perform a simple analysis with Simulink Design Verifier.

  • Introducing formal verification methods
  • Exploring the Simulink Design Verifier workflow
  • Preparing models and ensuring compatibility
  • Configuring analysis options
  • Generating results

Detecting Design Errors

Objective: Learn how to use design error detection to verify a model.

  • Introducing types of design errors
  • Detecting design errors
  • Interpreting results and reporting
  • Fixing design errors
  • Using parameter tables

Automatically Generating Tests

Objective: Review coverage types and learn how to use automatic test generation to complete missing model coverage.

  • Understanding types of coverage
  • Measuring model coverage
  • Increasing coverage with automatic test generation
  • Interpreting results and reporting
  • Applying custom conditions and objectives

Property Proving

Objective: Formalize requirements into properties and learn to use property proving to verify that a design meets its requirements.

  • Formalizing requirements
  • Proving properties
  • Debugging falsified properties
  • Using temporal operators

Managing Model Complexity

Objective: Identify sources of model complexity and learn techniques to improve analysis performance.

  • Identifying sources of model complexity
  • Implementing block replacements
  • Handling nonlinearities
  • Managing lookup table complexity
  • Working with counters and timers

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Languages: English, 中文, 日本語, 한국어

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