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Continuous Wavelet Transforms

1-D and 2-D CWT, inverse 1-D CWT, 1-D CWT filter bank, wavelet cross-spectrum and coherence

Obtain the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) of a signal or image, construct signal approximations with the inverse CWT, compare time-varying patterns in two signals using wavelet coherence, visualize wavelet bandpass filters, and obtain high resolution time-frequency representations using wavelet synchrosqueezing.


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cwtContinuous 1-D wavelet transform
icwtInverse continuous 1-D wavelet transform
cwtfilterbankContinuous wavelet transform filter bank
cwtmag2sigSignal reconstruction from CWT magnitude (Since R2023b)
wtContinuous wavelet transform with filter bank
freqzCWT filter bank frequency responses
timeSpectrumTime-averaged wavelet spectrum (Since R2020b)
scaleSpectrumScale-averaged wavelet spectrum (Since R2020b)
cwtfreqboundsCWT maximum and minimum frequency or period
wcoherenceWavelet coherence and cross-spectrum
wsstWavelet synchrosqueezed transform
iwsstInverse wavelet synchrosqueezed transform
wsstridgeTime-frequency ridges from wavelet synchrosqueezing
wtmmWavelet transform modulus maxima
cwtft22-D continuous wavelet transform
cwtftinfo2Supported 2-D CWT wavelets and Fourier transforms


Wavelet Image AnalyzerDecompose and visualize images (Since R2023a)
Wavelet Time-Frequency AnalyzerVisualize scalogram of signals (Since R2022a)



1-D CWT Analysis and Synthesis

2-D CWT Analysis

Wavelet Coefficients, Scales, and Synchrosqueezing