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Reset the CurrentTime property of velodyneFileReader object to the default value



reset(veloReader) resets the CurrentTime property of velodyneFileReader to the default value. The default value is the StartTime property of velodyneFileReader.


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Construct velodyneFileReader object.

veloReader = velodyneFileReader('lidarData_ConstructionRoad.pcap','PuckLITE');

Inspect the properties of the velodyneFileReader object to know the CurrentTime. The default value of CurrentTime is the value of StartTime.

veloReader = 
  velodyneFileReader with properties:

           FileName: '/mathworks/devel/bat/Bdoc22a/build/matlab/toolbox/vision/visiondata/lidarData_ConstructionRoad.pcap'
        DeviceModel: 'PuckLITE'
    CalibrationFile: '/mathworks/devel/bat/Bdoc22a/build/matlab/toolbox/shared/pointclouds/utilities/velodyneFileReaderConfiguration/PuckLITE.xml'
     OrganizePoints: 1
     NumberOfFrames: 1238
           Duration: 61.845 sec
          StartTime: 1145.1 sec
            EndTime: 1206.9 sec
         Timestamps: [1145.1 sec    1145.1 sec    1145.2 sec    ...    ]
        CurrentTime: 1145.1 sec

Use readFrame to read a pointcloud sequence from the object veloReader. Specify frame number corresponding to the pointcloud sequence as 1000.

ptCloud = readFrame(veloReader,1000);

Inspect the CurrentTime property of velodyneFileReader object. The value of CurrentTime is changed to 1195 sec with reference to the pointcloud sequence read.

ans = duration
   1195 sec

Reset the CurrentTime property of velodyneFileReader object.


Inspect the CurrentTime property and verify that its value is reset to the default value.

ans = duration
   1145.1 sec

Input Arguments

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Velodyne file reader, specified as a velodyneFileReader object.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a