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Assign median value of tire data channel in tireData objects to entire tire data channel array

Since R2024a



    obj=median(obj,channels) assigns the median value of the tire data channel specified by channels in the tireData object specified by obj to the entire data channel array.


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    Use the median function to assign a steady-state value for tire data channel Fz by calculating the median value of Fz in the tireData objects.

    Import and View Tire Measurement Data

    Import tire measurement data into a tireData object, td.

    td = tireData("example_data.tdx");

    Multiple Fz conditions are included in the data. Use the split function to separate the data by tire data channel Fz, resulting in four tireData objects.

    td = split(td,"Fz");

    Use the plot function to view the normal force versus elapsed time using the normal force to assign colors and legend values.


    Assign Steady-State Value to Tire Measurement Data Channel

    Use the median function to assign the tire data channel Fz to the median nominal condition for each tireData object.

    td = median(td,"Fz");

    Plot the resulting tireData objects in td to visualize the modified data set.


    Input Arguments

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    Tire data, specified as a tireData object or an array of tireData objects.

    Tire data channels, specified as a vector of string arrays. String values must be a property of the tireData object. See, tireData Properties.

    Data Types: string

    Output Arguments

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    Tire data with the median values assigned to the specified tire data channels, returned as a tireData object or an array of tireData objects.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a

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