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Driver Commands

Configure driver


    The Driver Commands block implements the driver model that the reference application uses to generate acceleration, braking, gear, and steering commands. By default, if you select the Reference Generator block parameter Use maneuver-specific driver, initial position, and scene, the reference application selects the driver for the maneuver that you specified.

    Vehicle Command Mode Setting


    Longitudinal Driver

    Longitudinal Driver block — Longitudinal speed-tracking controller. Based on reference and feedback velocities, the block generates normalized acceleration and braking commands that can vary from 0 through 1. Use the block to model the dynamic response of a driver or to generate the commands necessary to track a longitudinal drive cycle.

    Predictive Driver (default)

    Predictive Driver block — Controller that generates normalized steering, acceleration, and braking commands to track longitudinal velocity and a lateral reference displacement. The normalized commands can vary between -1 to 1. The controller uses a single-track (bicycle) model for optimal single-point preview control.

    Open Loop

    Implements an open-loop system so that you can configure the reference application for constant or signal-based steering, acceleration, braking, and gear command input.



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    Bus containing the vehicle reference signals, including longitudinal and lateral displacement, and steering.

    Bus containing vehicle displacement feedback signals.


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    Bus containing the commands, including steering, acceleration, braking, and gear commands.


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    Specify driver model.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2019a