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Mission data for UAV flight

Since R2022b


    The uavMission object stores UAV mission data that can be used to generate flight trajectories for use in UAV scenario simulation.



    M = uavMission creates an empty mission, M.


    M = uavMission(PlanFile=file) creates a mission from the specified mission plan file file.


    M = uavMission(___,Name=Value) specifies properties using one or more name-value arguments in addition to any combination of input arguments from previous syntaxes.

    Input Arguments

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    Mission plan file path, specified as a string scalar or character vector. You must specify either a PX4 Mission JSON file (.plan) or MAVLink waypoints file (.waypoints).

    Example: uavMission(PlanFile="documents/matlab/uavwpts.waypoints")

    Data Types: char | string


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    Home location, specified as a three-element row vector of the form [latitude longitude altitude]. The first two elements specify the latitude and longitude, respectively, of the UAV starting location in degrees, and the third specifies the starting altitude of the UAV in meters.

    Example: uavMission(HomeLocation=[4 2 10])

    Initial yaw angle, specified as a numeric scalar. This property specifies the angle between the x-axis of the UAV and north direction in the local NED frame of the mission's home location, in degrees.

    Example: uavMission(InitialYaw=45)

    Reference speed of the UAV, specified as a numeric scalar in meters per second.

    Example: uavMission(Speed=5)

    Data Types: double

    Mission waypoint reference frame, specified as one of these values:

    • "Global" — Global reference frame

    • "GlobalRelativeAlt" — Global reference frame with an altitude relative to the home location

    • "LocalENU" — Local east-north-up (ENU) reference frame

    • "LocalNED" — Local north-east-down (NED) reference frame

    Example: uavMission(Frame="Global")

    Data Types: char | string

    Number of mission items stored as a nonnegative integer. NumMissionItems increments each time a mission item is added to the mission.

    This property is read-only.

    Object Functions

    addChangeSpeedAdd change speed mission item
    addHoverAdd hover mission item
    addLandAdd landing mission item
    addLoiterAdd loiter mission item
    addTakeoffAdd takeoff mission item
    addWaypointAdd waypoint mission item
    copyCopy UAV Mission
    removeItemRemove mission items at specified indices
    showVisualize UAV mission
    showdetailsUAV mission data table


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    Create a UAV mission by using the flight plan stored in a .plan file and show the mission.

    mission = uavMission(PlanFile="flight.plan");

    Create parsers for a multirotor UAV and a fixed-wing UAV.

    mrmParser = multirotorMissionParser(TransitionRadius=2,TakeoffSpeed=2);
    fwmParser = fixedwingMissionParser(TransitionRadius=15,TakeoffPitch=10);

    Generate one flight trajectory using each parser.

    mrmTraj = parse(mrmParser,mission);
    fwmTraj = parse(fwmParser,mission);

    Visualize the mission and the flight trajectories separately.

    title("Multirotor Trajectory")
    axis square
    title("Fixed-Wing Trajectory")
    axis square

    Plot the mission and flight trajectories overlapping.

    hold on
    hold off
    title("Mission Using Multirotor Trajectory")
    axis square

    hold on
    hold off
    title("Mission Using Fixed-Wing Trajectory")
    axis square

    Create a UAV mission object with a home location at the origin of the local ENU coordinate frame and an initial speed of 5 meters per second.

    m = uavMission(Frame="LocalENU",HomeLocation=[0 0 0],Speed=5)
    m = 
      uavMission with properties:
           HomeLocation: [0 0 0]
             InitialYaw: 0
                  Frame: "LocalENU"
                  Speed: 5
        NumMissionItems: 0

    Add a takeoff mission item to the mission with an altitude of 25 meters, pitch of 15 degrees, and yaw of 0 degrees.


    Add two waypoint mission items to the mission. Between the two waypoints, increase the speed of the UAV to 20 meters per second. After the second waypoint, reduce the speed of the UAV back to 5 meters per second.

    addWaypoint(m,[10 0 30]);
    addWaypoint(m,[20 0 40]);
    addWaypoint(m,[30 0 50])

    Add loiter and hover mission items to the mission, specifying for the UAV to loiter and hover around the second waypoint at a radius of 50 meters for 20 seconds each.

    addLoiter(m,[40 0 60],10,20);
    addHover(m,[50 0 70],10,20);

    Add a landing mission item to the mission to land the UAV.

    addLand(m,[70 0 0],Yaw=0);

    Show the mission item data table.


    Remove the hover action at index 7, and then add another waypoint at index 8 after the hover item moves to index 7. Show the mission details table again to see the changes.

    addWaypoint(m,[65 0 70],InsertAtRow=8);

    Visualize the mission.

    axis equal

    Initialize the settings to use for the coverage planner, coverage space, and mission. Set a coverage width to 65 meters, the region as polygon vertices, takeoff and landing locations, the UAV elevation during flight to 150 meters, and a geocenter.

    coverageWidth = 65;
    region = [-210 130; 10 130; 10 20; 110 20;
              110 -130; -140 -130; -140 -20; -210 -20];
    takeoff = [-250 150 0];
    landing = [0 -200 0];
    uavElevation = 150;
    geocenter = [-45 71 0];

    Create the coverage space with those UAV coverage space settings.

    cs = uavCoverageSpace(Polygons=region, ...
                          UnitWidth=coverageWidth, ...
                          ReferenceHeight=uavElevation, ...
    title("Coverage Space")

    Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Coverage Space contains 2 objects of type polygon, text.

    Create a coverage planner for the coverage space and plan the coverage path with the specified takeoff and landing locations.

    cp = uavCoveragePlanner(cs);
    [waypoints,solnInfo] = cp.plan(takeoff,landing);

    Plot the waypoints, and the takeoff and landing locations on the coverage space.

    hold on
    hold off

    Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Coverage Space contains 5 objects of type polygon, text, line, scatter. These objects represent Path, Takeoff, Landing.

    Export the waypoints to a waypoints file and create a UAV mission from that file with a speed of 10 meters per second and an initial yaw of 90 degrees.

    mission = uavMission(PlanFile="customCoverage.waypoints",Speed=10,InitialYaw=90);

    Use the exampleHelperSimulateUAVMission helper function to visualize the UAV mission with a simulation time of 60 seconds.


    Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Survey Coverage Space Mission, xlabel East (m), ylabel North (m) contains 435 objects of type patch, line, text.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b