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Graphical Functions

Create flow charts containing logic and iterative loop patterns

Build flow charts by combining connective junctions and transitions without using any states. To create modular and reusable logic, encapsulate flow charts in graphical functions. Through the Pattern Wizard, generate patterns that comply with guidelines from the MathWorks Advisory Board (MAB).


sfprefSet user preferences in Stateflow charts


Reuse Logic Patterns by Defining Graphical Functions

Create and execute flow charts in a Stateflow® chart.

Flow Charts in Stateflow

Express combinatorial logic in graphical form.

Combine Transitions and Junctions to Create Branching Paths

Create decision points in transition paths.

Create Flow Charts by Using Pattern Wizard

Use the Pattern Wizard to produce MAB-compliant flow charts.

Convert MATLAB Code into Stateflow Flow Charts

Produce flow charts from your MATLAB® code.

Export Stateflow Functions for Reuse

Extend the scope of your functions to other blocks in a Simulink® model.

Reuse Functions by Using Atomic Boxes

Encapsulate reusable functions in a separate namespace.

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