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Load a test file in the Simulink Test manager



tfObj = sltest.testmanager.load(filename) loads a test file in the Simulink® Test™ manager.


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In this example, the test file is from the Override Model Parameters in a Test Case example.

% Path to the example test file
exampleFile = fullfile(matlabroot,...

% Load the example test file

% View the test file in the test manager

Input Arguments

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File name of a test file, specified as a character vector. The character vector must fully specify the location of the test file. The file can be a test file (.mldatx), or a MATLAB test file (.m), if that MATLAB test file is a derived class from sltest.TestCase.

Example: 'C:\MATLAB\test_file.mldatx'

Output Arguments

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Test file, returned as an sltest.testmanager.TestFile object.

Introduced in R2015a