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Install EtherCAT Network for Execution

For TwinCAT 3 requirements, see Hardware Setup Requirements for TwinCAT 3. To install the EtherCAT® Network for execution by using the target computer as main device node:

  1. Run the Ethernet configuration tool. In the MATLAB Command Window, type:


    This tool lets you select either an IP address or reserve for EtherCAT each of the Ethernet ports that is not the host-target link port. In the EtherCAT Init block, you need an Ethernet port number. There, the number 1 refers to the first port that is reserved for EtherCAT using the Ethernet configuration tool. For more information, see the Speedgoat documentation.

  2. Connect your EtherCAT network to the target computer Ethernet port dedicated to EtherCAT. Turn on the network.

The next task is Configure EtherCAT Main Device Node Model.