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Simulation Stepper

Run simulation step by step to identify problems, step forward or back to a particular instant in simulation time

Simulation Stepper helps you debug a simulation by stepping through the major time steps of a simulation, viewing results and inspecting how and when the system changes states.

Using discrete time steps, you can step forward or back to a particular instant in simulation time. At each time step, Stepper displays all of the simulation data the model produces. You can also set breakpoints as part of a debugging session.

Examples and How To

Step Through a Simulation

Step forward and backward through a simulation.

Set Conditional Breakpoints for Stepping a Simulation

Pause simulation using conditional breakpoints.


How Simulation Stepper Helps With Model Analysis

Learn about the Simulation Stepper.

How Stepping Through a Simulation Works

Learn how simulation snapshots work.

Use Simulation Stepper

Learn how to step through a simulation.

Simulation Stepper Limitations

Learn which blocks and modeling constructs the Simulation Stepper supports.

Simulation Stepping Options

Parameters for controlling simulation stepping.