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Use Connectors Tool to Visualize Connections Between Blocks

This example shows how to use the Connectors tool to visualize the connections between blocks. This visualization further helps to debug a model.

  • Function Connectors visualize connections between Simulink Function blocks and their respective Function Caller blocks.

  • State Connectors to visualize connections between State Reader blocks, State Writer blocks, and their corresponding state owner blocks. State owner blocks are blocks whose state values are read and written by the State Reader blocks and State Writer blocks, respectively.

  • Parameter Connectors visualize connections between Parameter Writer blocks and their corresponding parameter owner blocks. Parameter owner blocks are blocks whose parameter values are written by the Parameter Writer blocks.

  • Data Store Connectors visualize connections between Data Store Read blocks, Data Store Write blocks, and their corresponding Data Store Memory blocks.

Open the model.


To visualize the connectors:

  • In the Simulink® Editor, on the Debug tab, select Information Overlays and click Connectors.

  • To view the connecting lines, in the Connectors pane that appears, select Function Connectors, State Connectors, Parameter Connectors, and Data Store Connectors.

Display connectors to visualize connection between blocks

The connecting lines between different blocks represent the signal flow in the model. The arrow heads of the connecting lines indicate the direction of the signal flow.

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