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Deploy Prototype Code and Artifacts

Package prototype code and artifacts in a Zip file so that you can share or relocate project results.

Package Generated Code and Artifacts in a Zip File

  1. In the Simulink® Editor, in the C Code tab, click Share.

  2. Under Package Code & Artifacts, specify a file name for the zip file. By default, the code generator uses the model name and file extension .zip. For this example, use the default name.

  3. Click Generate Code and Package. The code generator produces zip file

  4. Explore the contents of the generated zip file.

Explore Other Options

To explore more ways to customize, verify, and deploy generated rapid-prototyping code and artifacts, see the information that is listed in this table.

GoalMore Information
Configure data accessibility for rapid prototyping

Access Signal, State, and Parameter Data During Execution

Model multirate systems

Timers and Scheduling

Create multiple model configuration sets and share configuration parameter settings across models

Model Configuration Sets

Control how signals are stored and represented in the generated code

How Generated Code Stores Internal Signal, State, and Parameter Data

Generate block parameter storage declarations and interface block parameters to your code

Create Tunable Calibration Parameter in the Generated Code

Interface with legacy code for simulation and code generationChoose an External Code Integration Workflow
Generate code compatible with C++

Select C or C++ Programming Language

Create a protected model that hides block and line information for sharing with a third party

Model Protection

Customize the build process

Code Compilation Customization