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Form-Based Reports

Design form-based reports in Report Explorer that fill holes from templates

Use form-based reports to fill placeholder holes that in your template as you generate a report. To design a report setup file that fills holes,use Report Explorer components in the Form-Based Reporting category.

Report Components

DOCX Page LayoutPage layout in a Word report
PDF Page LayoutPage layout in a PDF report
Page FooterPage footer in a form-based PDF or Word report
Page HeaderInsert a page header in a form-based report
SubformCreate a subform
Template HoleFills a hole in a forms-based report


  • Report Form

    Set options for generated reports using form-based Report Explorer reports.

  • Form-Based Reports

    You can use the Report Explorer to create a report based on a form or a set of forms.

  • Create a Simple Form-Based Setup

    Maintain reports, created with Report Explorer, that fill holes in a template with content.

  • Templates

    Use Word, HTML, and PDF templates to format reports