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Robust Controller Tuning

Achieve robust performance for uncertain or changing plants

The systune command and Control System Tuner app can tune control systems to design requirements you specify, while taking into account system variability and model uncertainty to achieve robust performance. You can tune controllers to maximize performance over a range of values for the plant parameters. You can also simultaneously tune for multiple plant models or control configurations. For information about these different approaches to robust tuning, see Robust Tuning Approaches.


systuneTune fixed-structure control systems modeled in MATLAB
slTunerInterface for control system tuning of Simulink models
systune (slTuner)Tune control system parameters in Simulink using slTuner interface


Control System TunerTune fixed-structure control systems


Robust Tuning Basics

Robust Tuning Approaches

The Robust Control Toolbox™ tuning tools let you tune control systems for robustness against plant variation, or to accommodate uncertainty in physical parameters.

Interpreting Results of Robust Tuning

When you tune a control system with parameter uncertainty, the tuning results contain information about the progress of the tuning algorithm toward tuning for the worst-case parameter values.

Simulink Models

Model Uncertainty in Simulink for Robust Tuning

Set up a Simulink® model for robust tuning against parameter uncertainty.

Robust Tuning of Mass-Spring-Damper System

Robustly tune a controller for an uncertain system modeled in Simulink.

Tuning for Multiple Values of Plant Parameters

Use Control System Tuner to tune a control system when there are parameter variations in the plant.

Fault-Tolerant Control of a Passenger Jet

Tune a controller to meet requirements in multiple operating modes of the plant.


Build Tunable Control System Model With Uncertain Parameters

This example shows how to construct a generalized state-space (genss) model of a control system that has both tunable and uncertain parameters.

Robust Tuning of DC Motor Controller

Robustly tune a controller for a plant with imperfectly known parameters.

Robust Tuning of Positioning System

Tune a motion control system while taking model uncertainty into account.

Robust Vibration Control in Flexible Beam

Robustly tune a controller for reducing vibrations in a flexible beam.