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Splitters and Couplers

Equal and unequal Wilkinson splitters; Lange, rat-race, and branchline couplers

Use the splitter and coupler objects and functions to create and visualize splitters and couplers used on a printed circuit board (PCB).

Wilkinson power splitters are commonly used as power dividers for lossless power division and matching between ports. An unequal Wilkinson splitter is used in FMCW radars to split power unequally between the transmitter and the local oscillator or to feed power to beam forming antenna arrays.

Couplers have the unique capability to divide power between two ports with a phase shift. A rat-race coupler splits power as the sum or the difference of the input powers between the output ports. A branchline coupler divides the input power between the output ports with a phase difference of 90 degrees. Lange couplers are used to combine or split power in a large range of frequencies.


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couplerRatraceCreate equal-split rat-race coupler or 180-degree-ring hybrid (Since R2021b)
couplerBranchlineCreate branch line coupler or quadrature hybrid (Since R2021b)
couplerDirectionalCreate single section or multi-section directional coupler in microstrip form (Since R2022b)
couplerBranchlineWidebandCreate equal split multisection branchline coupler or quadrature hybrid (Since R2023a)
wilkinsonSplitterCreate Wilkinson splitter in microstrip form on X-Y plane (Since R2021b)
wilkinsonSplitterUnequalCreate unequal Wilkinson splitter (Since R2021b)
wilkinsonSplitterWidebandCreate wideband Wilkinson power divider (Since R2022a)
powerDividerCorporateCreate corporate power divider (Since R2022a)
splitterTeeCreate T-junction power splitter (Since R2022b)
SIWSplitterCreate an SIW Splitter in microstrip form (Since R2023b)


showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape (Since R2021b)
infoDisplay information about PCB component structure (Since R2021b)
pcbcascadeCreate new component using cascade operation (Since R2021b)
shapesExtract all metal layer shapes of PCB component (Since R2021b)