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Calculate odd mode impedance of differential PCB transmission line

Since R2022b



zodd = getZOdd(txline,frequency) calculates the odd mode impedance of the transmission lines in Transmission Lines at the specified frequency.


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Create a coupled microstrip line with copper traces.

txline = coupledMicrostripLine;
txline.Conductor.Name = "Copper";
txline.Conductor.Conductivity = 5.8e7;
txline.Conductor.Thickness = 0.001;

Calculate the odd mode impedance of coupled microstrip line at 1 GHz.

freq = 1e9;
oddImp = getZOdd(txline,freq)
oddImp = 42.5414

Input Arguments

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Transmission line, specified as a coupledMicrostripLine, microstripLine, or microstripLineCustom object.

Example: txline = microstripLine;getZOdd(txline). Calculates the odd mode impedance of the microstrip transmission line object with handle txline.

Data Types: char | string

Frequency to calculate the odd mode impedance, specified as a positive scalar in hertz.

Output Arguments

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Odd mode impedance of the transmission line, returned as a complex scalar.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2022b