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Environment and Clutter

Radar propagation, land and sea clutter, atmospheric models, attenuation due to gas, fog, rain and snow

Flat and curved Earth models with and without ITU atmospheric models. Lens effects losses. Radar propagation factor. Sea surface characterization with sea state and permittivity. Land surface characterization with vegetation type and permittivity. Polarization, grazing angle, and velocity-dependent sea and land clutter. ITU and Crane attenuation models due to rain. ITU attenuation model due to cloud and fog. Gunn-East snow model.


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atmosituUse ITU reference atmospheres
fsplFree space path loss
gasplRF signal attenuation due to atmospheric gases
lensplCalculate loss due to tropospheric lens effect
radarpropfactorOne-way radar propagation factor
refractiveidxCalculates the refractive index
refractionexpCRPL exponential reference atmosphere refraction exponent
tropoplSlant-path loss due to atmosphere gaseous absorption
billingsleyicmBillingsley’s intrinsic clutter motion (ICM) model
clutterSurfaceRCSSurface clutter radar cross section
clutterSurfaceRangeDopplerRCSSurface RCS as a function of range and Doppler
clutterGeneratorAdd clutter generator for radar
earthSurfacePermittivityPermittivity and conductivity of earth surface materials
landreflectivityReflectivity of land surface
landroughnessSurface height standard deviation for land
landSurfaceAdd land surface to radar scenario
seareflectivity Normalized sea surface reflectivity
searoughnessSurface height standard deviation for sea
seaSpectrumSea surface omnidirectional motion spectrum model
seaSurfaceAdd sea surface to radar scenario
surfacegammaGamma value for different terrains
surfaceReflectivityNormalized reflectivity of surface
surfaceReflectivityLandNormalized reflectivity of land surface
surfaceReflectivityCustomNormalized reflectivity of custom surface
surfaceReflectivitySeaNormalized reflectivity of sea surface
tiremplPath loss using Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM)
clutterVolumeRCSRadar cross-section of volume clutter
surfclutterrcsSurface clutter radar cross section (RCS)
cranerainplRF signal attenuation due to rainfall using Crane model
fogplRF signal attenuation due to fog and clouds
rainplRF signal attenuation due to rainfall
snowplPath loss due to wet snow
depressionangDepression angle of surface target
effearthradiusEffective earth radius
grazingangGrazing angle of surface target
horizonrangeHorizon range
llarangeanglePropagation range between two geolocations
el2heightConvert target elevation angle to height
height2elConvert target height to elevation angle
height2rangeConvert target height to propagated range
height2grndrangeConvert target height to ground range
range2heightConvert propagated range to target height
slant2rangeConvert slant range to propagated range