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Data tip interaction


A data tip interaction allows you to display data tips within a chart without having to select any buttons in the axes toolbar. To enable data tips, set the Interactions property of the axes to a dataTipInteraction object. When this interaction is enabled, the data tips appear when you hover, click, or tap within the chart.

To enable multiple interactions, set the Interactions property to an array of objects.




d = dataTipInteraction creates a data tip interaction object. With this interaction enabled, clicking or tapping displays a data tip at the nearest data point.


d = dataTipInteraction('SnapToDataVertex',snap) specifies whether data tips snap to the nearest data point. When snap is 'off', clicking or tapping displays a data tip at the exact cursor location instead.


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Display at closest data point, specified as one of these values:

  • 'on' — Display data tip at closest data point. The closest data point depends on the type of chart. For example, on a line chart the closest data point has the smallest Euclidean distance from the specified location.

  • 'off' — Display data tip at cursor location.


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Create a surface plot. Get the current axes and replace the default interactions with the data tip and pan interactions. Then hover over the surface to display data tips. Click and drag or tap and drag to pan.

ax = gca;
ax.Interactions = [dataTipInteraction panInteraction];


  • To customize the content of the data tips, set the DataTipTemplate property of the chart object. For more information, see Create Custom Data Tips.

  • In most cases, the axes have a default set of interactions which depend on the type of chart you are displaying. You can replace the default set with a new set of interactions, but you cannot access or modify any of the interactions in the default set.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a