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Getting Started with Microsoft .NET

Examples and concepts to help you quickly get started using .NET in MATLAB®

The interface to .NET allows you to bring .NET assemblies into the MATLAB environment, to construct objects from classes contained in the assemblies, and to call methods on these objects.

MATLAB supports the .NET Framework on the Windows® platform only.


NET.addAssemblyMake .NET assembly visible to MATLAB
NET.isNETSupportedCheck for supported Microsoft .NET Framework
NETSummary of functions in MATLAB .NET interface
enableNETfromNetworkDrive(To be removed) Enable access to .NET commands from network drive


NET.AssemblyMembers of .NET assembly


NET.NetExceptionCapture error information for .NET exception


Access a Simple .NET Class

This example shows how to access .NET functionality already installed on your system.

Load a Global .NET Assembly

This example shows you how to make .NET classes visible to MATLAB.

Work with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Using .NET

This example uses the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass class to create a spreadsheet, copy MATLAB data to it, and then close it.

Work with Microsoft Word Documents Using .NET

This example uses the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass class to create a Word document.

Build a .NET Application for MATLAB Examples

Basic information for building the .NET examples included with MATLAB.

Simplify .NET Class Names

Use the MATLAB import function to refer to .NET class names.

Use import in MATLAB Functions

Guidelines for using the NET.addAssembly and import functions.

Use .NET Nested Classes

Using reflection to instantiate a nested class.

Handle .NET Exceptions

MATLAB catches exceptions thrown by .NET and converts them into a NET.NetException object.

Assembly Is Library of .NET Classes

An assembly is a collection of types and resources built to work together and form a logical unit of functionality in .NET Framework applications.

System Requirements for Using MATLAB Interface to .NET

Using a supported version of the .NET Framework.

Using .NET from MATLAB

How you can benefit from using .NET from MATLAB.

Using a .NET Object

How to create a .NET object.

.NET Terminology

Understanding namespaces and reference and value types.


Troubleshooting Security Policy Settings from Network Drives

For MATLAB releases R2012b or earlier, call the enableNETfromNetworkDrive function to create a MATLAB security policy entry.

Limitations to .NET Support

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Arrays

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Methods

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Events

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Delegates

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Enumerations

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.