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.NET Generic Classes in MATLAB

Create .NET generic classes, invoke .NET generic methods in MATLAB®

Generic classes are a feature of the C# programming language. These topics show how to use generic classes in MATLAB.


NET.createGenericCreate instance of specialized .NET generic type
NET.invokeGenericMethodInvoke generic method of object
NET.convertArray(Not recommended) Convert numeric MATLAB array to .NET array


NET.GenericClassRepresent parameterized generic type definitions


Create .NET Collections

This example uses two System.String arrays, d1 and d2, to create a generic collection list.

Convert .NET Collections to MATLAB Arrays

Use the ToArray method of the System.Collections.Generic.List class to convert a collection to an array.

Create .NET Arrays of Generic Type

This example creates a .NET array of List<Int32> generic type.

Display .NET Generic Methods Using Reflection

showGenericMethods function example.

.NET Generic Classes

Generics are classes and methods that have placeholders (type parameters or parameterized types) for one or more types.

Accessing Items in .NET Collections

Use the Item property of the System.Collections.Generic List class to get or set an element at a specified index.

Call .NET Generic Methods

Example NetDocGeneric.SampleClass source code.