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Map Creation

Create map axes and axesm-based maps; set properties of maps

Mapping Toolbox™ provides several ways to create map displays, including map axes (since R2023a) and axesm-based maps.

For a comparison of map axes and axesm-based maps, including when to use each type of display, see Choose a 2-D Map Display.


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newmapSet up new map (Since R2023a)
mapaxesCreate map axes (Since R2023a)
MapAxes PropertiesMap axes appearance and behavior (Since R2023a)
gcaCurrent axes or chart
holdRetain current plot when adding new plots
claClear axes
MapAxesInteractionOptions PropertiesMap axes interaction behavior for apps (Since R2024a)
axesmCreate axesm-based map
usamapCreate axesm-based map for United States of America
worldmapCreate axesm-based map for world region
axesm-Based Map PropertiesControl axesm-based map appearance and behavior
axesmuiDefine axesm-based map and modify projection and display properties
gcmQuery projection structure of current axesm-based map
getmQuery properties of axesm-based map
setmSet properties of axesm-based map and graphics objects
ismapDetermine if axes is axesm-based map
showaxesToggle display of coordinate axes on axesm-based map
clmaClear current axesm-based map
clmoClear graphics objects from axesm-based map
handlemHandles of objects on axesm-based map
handlem-uiGUI for selecting objects on axesm-based map
hidemHide objects on axesm-based map
ismappedDetermine if object is projected on axesm-based map
namemNames of objects on axesm-based map
showmShow objects on axesm-based map
tagmSet Tag property of objects on axesm-based map


Map Axes

axesm-Based Maps

  • axesm-Based Maps
    An axesm-based map contains standard properties of MATLAB® graphics axes, with additional properties related to projections, scale, and positioning in geographic coordinates.
  • Create Maps of World and US Regions
    Create maps of continents, countries, and US states by using the worldmap and usamap functions. The functions automatically select projections based on the specified region.
  • Switch Between Projections
    You can change the map projection. Usually the new map projection displays the same part of the world, and you can adjust the axesm-based map properties to refine the map appearance.
  • Reprojection of Graphics Objects
    Many objects on axesm-based maps can be automatically reprojected based on changes to the map projection or to some map properties.
  • Change Map Projections When Using geoshow
    Change the projection of an axesm-based map after displaying raster and vector data using the geoshow function.

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