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Synthesis and Timing Analysis

Place and route, back annotation, script generation


hdlsetuptoolpathSet up system environment to access FPGA synthesis software

Simulink Configuration Parameters

Examples and How To

Generate Scripts for Compilation, Simulation, and Synthesis

Command line properties and GUI options for customizing script files

Configure Compilation, Simulation, Synthesis, and Lint Scripts

You set options that configure script file generation on the EDA Tool Scripts pane.

Add Synthesis Attributes

Synthesis attributes in generated code

Configure Synthesis Project Using Tcl Script

Add Tcl script that configures your synthesis project


Structure of Generated Script Files

A generated EDA script consists of three sections, generated and executed in the following order:

Properties for Controlling Script Generation

This section describes how to set properties in the makehdl or makehdltb functions to enable or disable script generation and customize the names and content of generated script files.

Synthesis Objective to Tcl Command Mapping

Tool-specific Tcl commands that correspond to the HDL Workflow synthesis objectives