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Guidelines for Supported Blocks and Data Type Settings

Supported blocks and data type considerations for HDL code generation

The HDL modeling guidelines are a set of recommended guidelines for creating Simulink® models, MATLAB Function blocks, and Stateflow® charts for code generation with HDL Coder™. The guidelines for supported blocks and data types consist of guidelines for using various blocks in the HDL Coder block library, and about the supported data types.


List of Guidelines and Severity Levels

Guidelines for Supported Blocks and Data Types - By Numbered List

List of supported blocks and data type guidelines in ascending order of Guideline ID.

HDL Modeling Guidelines Severity Levels

Various severity levels associated with the HDL modeling guidelines and their description.

Guidelines for Blocks in HDL Coder Libraries (Guideline ID 2.1 - 2.7)

Design Considerations for RAM Blocks and Blocks in HDL Operations Library

How to use blocks in the HDL RAMs and HDL Operations libraries.

Usage of Blocks in Logic and Bit Operations Library

Different blocks that perform logical and bitwise operations and how to use them.

Generate FPGA Block RAM from Lookup Tables

How to map lookup table blocks to Block RAMs.

Usage of Different Subsystem Types

Different types of subsystems and guidelines for using them.

Usage of Rate Change and Constant Blocks

How to effectively use blocks that perform rate transitions and constant blocks.

Guidelines for Using Delays and Goto and From Blocks for HDL Code Generation

Recommended usage of Delay blocks that are inferred as registers.

Modeling Efficient Multiplication and Division Operations for FPGA Targeting

Model high-speed division operations and multiplier and adder blocks for DSP mapping.

Guidelines for MATLAB Function Blocks and Stateflow Charts (Guideline ID 2.8 - 2.9)

Using Persistent Variables and fi Objects Inside MATLAB Function Blocks for HDL Code Generation

Recommended usage of MATLAB Function blocks that contain persistent variables inside the MATLAB® code.

Guidelines for HDL Code Generation Using Stateflow Charts

Recommended usage of Stateflow charts for HDL code generation.

Data Type Guidelines (Guideline ID 2.10)

Simulink Data Type Considerations

High-level recommendations for data type settings when modeling in Simulink.