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Advance tracking scenario simulation by one time step


isrunning = advance(sc) advances the tracking scenario simulation, sc, by one time step. To specify the step time, set the UpdateRate property of the trackingScenario object. The function returns the status, isrunning, of the simulation. advance updates a platform location only if the platform has an assigned path. You can generate assigned paths using the Motion property of a platform. To update platforms that have no assigned paths, you can set the Position, Velocity, Orientation, or AngularVelocity properties at any time during the simulation.

Input Arguments

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Tracking scenario, specified as a trackingScenario object.

Output Arguments

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The run-state of the simulation, returned as 0 or 1. If isrunning is 1, the simulation is running. If isrunning is 0, the simulation has stopped. A simulation stops when either of these conditions is met:

  • The stop time is reached.

  • Any platform reaches the end of its trajectory, and you have specified the platform Motion property using waypoints (with a waypointTrajectory object).

Units are in seconds.

Introduced in R2018b