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Define and Activate Features

You created the framework for the target and specified the range of hardware boards that the target is intended to support. In upcoming sections, for each feature that your target will provide, you set feature properties with hardware information, and then map the feature to the specific hardware board that it will support. As described in What Is a Target?, the development of a target for given hardware board distills down to providing hardware information to features.

The typical process for activating features for given hardware is:

  1. Add a feature object to the Target object.

  2. Set the properties of the feature object.

  3. Map the feature object to the Hardware object.

  4. Save the Target object to the target framework.

  5. Add all required source, header, and library files and folders into the <targetrootfolder>.

  6. Test the feature.

You use the functions and the classes of the Target SDK to implement the target programmatically. For a complete list of the functions and classes in the target SDK, see Develop a Target. For information about the relationships between classes, see Class Diagram for the Target SDK.