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FIR filter using windowed impulse response


h = window(d,fcnhndl,fcnarg,'SystemObject',true)
h = window(d,win,'SystemObject',true)


h = window(d,fcnhndl,fcnarg,'SystemObject',true) designs a single-rate digital filter System object™ using the specifications in filter specification object d.

fcnhndl is a handle to a filter design function that returns a window vector, such as the hamming or blackman functions. fcnarg is an optional argument that returns a window. You pass the function to window.

h = window(d,win,'SystemObject',true) designs a filter using the vector you supply in win. The length of vector win must be the same as the impulse response of the filter, which is equal to the filter order plus one.


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This example designs a filter using the two design techniques of specifying a function handle and passing a window vector as an input argument.

Use a window vector provided by the kaiser window function to design a Nyquist filter. The window length must be the filter order plus one.

d = fdesign.nyquist(5,'n',150);
% Kaiser window with beta parameter 2.5
nyqFilter = window(d,'window',kaiser(151,2.5),SystemObject=true);

Version History

Introduced in R2011a

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