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Load built-in RoadRunner bus definitions into MATLAB workspace

Since R2024a



    Simulink.ActorSimulation.load('BusName') returns bus data type and bus elements to MATLAB® workspace.


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    Based on the RoadRunner Scenario Reader block configuration in a Simulink® model, the block outputs a specific bus. To see the bus data type in your model, on the Debug tab, select Information Overlays,and enable Bus Data Type and update your model. In this example, it is assumed that RoadRunner Scenario Reader block outputs the bus BusActorRuntime. To load the bus definitions to MATLAB workspace use the command below.


    Input Arguments

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    Bus output from the Road Runer Scenario Reader block.

    This is the list of supported buses:

    • BusActionComplete

    • BusActorActions

    • BusActorEvents

    • BusActorPose

    • BusActorRuntime

    • BusActorSpec

    • BusBoundingBox

    • BusChangeParameterAction

    • BusDistanceTarget

    • BusDynamicConstraints

    • BusLaneChangeAction

    • BusLaneChangeTarget

    • BusLateralOffsetAction

    • BusLateralOffsetTarget

    • BusLongitudinalDistanceAction

    • BusPaintColor

    • BusParameterAction

    • BusPathAction

    • BusPathPointTiming

    • BusPathTarget

    • BusSpeedAction

    • BusSpeedTarget

    • BusTransitionDynamics

    • BusVehicleLocationOnLane

    • BusVehicleMapLocation

    • BusVehicleRuntime

    • BusVehicleSpec

    • BusWheelSpec

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a