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Dimension labels of dlarray

Since R2019b



d = dims(X) returns the data format of X as a character array. The data format provides the dimension labels for each dimension in X.


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Obtain the dimension labels of a formatted dlarray.

dlX = dlarray(randn(3,4),'TS');
d = dims(dlX)
d = 

Obtain the labels of an unformatted dlarray.

y = stripdims(dlX);
d = dims(y)
d =

  0x0 empty char array

Input Arguments

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Input data, specified as a formatted or unformatted dlarray object.

Output Arguments

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Dimension labels, returned as a character vector. If the input X is unformatted, d is empty.

Extended Capabilities

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GPU Code Generation
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Version History

Introduced in R2019b