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WDS connection


The wind function creates a wind object, which represents a Wind Data Feed Services (WDS) connection. First, open and log in to the Wind Financial Terminal, then create the wind object. You can use the object functions to retrieve current, historical, intraday, and real-time data from the Wind Financial Terminal. Also, you can create and delete orders and query order and account information in the Wind Financial Terminal. For details about WDS or the Wind Financial Terminal, see Wind Data Feed Services (WDS) .





c = wind creates a WDS connection.

Object Functions

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closeClose WDS connection
getdataCurrent WDS data
historyHistorical WDS data
timeseriesIntraday tick WDS data
realtimeSnapshot and subscription WDS data
stopCancel subscription WDS data request
createorderCreate WDS order
deleteorderCancel WDS order
queryQuery WDS account and order information
tradeloginLog in to WDS order management system
tradelogoutLog out from WDS order management system


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Using a WDS connection, retrieve current data for a single security and display the data. Then close the connection.

Create a WDS connection.

c = wind;

Format output data for currency.

format bank

Using the 0001.HK security, retrieve the current high and low prices.

s = '0001.HK';
f = ["high","low"];
d = getdata(c,s,f)
d=1×2 table
               HIGH      LOW 
               _____    _____

    0001.HK    99.50    98.00

d is a table with one row for the single security. Each variable in the table corresponds to each specified field.

Close the WDS connection.


Version History

Introduced in R2018a