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Constructor for cfit object



cfun = cfit(ffun, coeff1,...,coeffn) constructs the cfit object cfun using the model type specified by the fittype object ffun and the coefficient values coeff1, coeff2, etc.


cfit is called by the fit function when fitting fittype objects to data. To create a cfit object that is the result of a regression, use fit.

You should only call cfit directly if you want to assign values to coefficients and problem parameters of a fittype object without performing a fit.


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Create a fittype object and call the cfit function.

f = fittype('a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)')
c = cfit(f,1,10.3,-1e2)
f =
     General model:
       f(a,b,n,x) = a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)
c =
     General model:
       c(x) = a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)
       a =           1
       b =        10.3
       n =        -100

Input Arguments

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Model type the cfit function uses to construct the cfit object, specified as a fittype constructed with the fittype function.

Example: fittype('poly2')

Coefficient values of the cfit object, specified as scalars.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Function output, returned as a cfit object.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a