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Model Type Conversion

Change model representation, for example, from state-space model to transfer function

You can convert a model from one representation to another using the model-creation command for the target model type. For example, convert to state-space representation using ss, and convert to parallel-form PID using pid. For information about converting to a particular model type, see the reference page for that model type.


tfTransfer function model
zpkZero-pole-gain model
ssState-space model
frdFrequency-response data model
pidPID controller in parallel form
pidstdPID controller in standard form
pid22-DOF PID controller in parallel form
pidstd2 2-DOF PID controller in standard form
make1DOFConvert 2-DOF PID controller to 1-DOF controller
make2DOFConvert 1-DOF PID controller to 2-DOF controller
getComponentsExtract SISO control components from a 2-DOF PID controller