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Audio Viewer

View and play audio signals

Since R2024a


The Audio Viewer app plays audio signals and displays their waveforms. You can use the app to view and play selected portions of the signal, zoom into the waveform, and play the audio at different speeds.

Audio Viewer app

Open the Audio Viewer App

Call audioViewer in the MATLAB® Command prompt according to Programmatic Use.


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Call audioViewer with an audio filename to open the Audio Viewer app with the desired signal.


Audio Viewer app

The top axes displays the viewer, where you can zoom and select portions of the signal. The axes below the viewer is the panner, where you can see the full signal and pan through it when you are zoomed in.

Click to play the signal. Select an area by clicking and dragging in the viewer to play the selected portion of the signal. You can refine the area by clicking on the start or end time of the selected portion and typing in the desired time.

Audio Viewer app

Zoom into the waveform by clicking and zoom out by clicking . You can zoom into a selected area by clicking . When zoomed in, click and drag in the panner to shift the view of the waveform.

Audio Viewer app

You can zoom back to the full signal by clicking .

Programmatic Use

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audioViewer(filename) displays the waveform of the audio file specified by filename and provides interactive audio playback functionality.

audioViewer(audioIn,fs) displays the waveform of the audio signal and provides interactive audio playback functionality.

fig = audioViewer(___) returns the figure handle to the Audio Viewer interface.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a

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