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Design, optimize, deploy, and test wireless communications with MATLAB and Simulink

Find resources below on modeling and simulating standards-based wireless systems; RF, baseband, and antenna design; and testing, prototyping, and implementing on hardware. Read ebooks and articles, watch how-to videos, explore code examples, and more.

Featured Assets

MATLAB and Simulink for Wireless Communications

Wireless Standards and AI (21:29)

Wireless Prototyping and Production

MATLAB for Wireless System Design

Explore various wireless connectivity technologies with the relevant standards and learn how MATLAB® toolboxes can be used to speed up wireless network development.

Wireless Positioning and Localization Design with MATLAB (36:04)

This webinar will discuss wireless positioning technologies and design techniques applicable to the various approaches taken by different standards, such as 5G/WLAN/Bluetooth®/UWB.

Understanding 5G Beam Management

Learn about 5G NR beam management procedures and how to use MATLAB toolboxes for efficient beam management design and simulation at mmWave frequencies.

5G Development with MATLAB

Learn about 5G NR and how MATLAB and Simulink® can accelerate engineering tasks in system development from algorithm design to hardware prototyping to over-the-air testing.

Wireless Waveform Generator

Try the Wireless Waveform Generator app to create, impair, visualize, and export modulated waveforms for your system design.

Satellite Communications in MATLAB

Explore Satellite Communications Toolbox for designing, simulating, and verifying satellite communications systems and links. You can also get a free trial.

Exploring Hybrid Beamforming Architectures for 5G Systems

Learn how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to optimize the partitioning across RF and baseband domains for 5G NR hybrid MIMO beamforming and other wireless phased array systems.

Learn to Simulate a Wireless Communications Link (2:19)

Watch an introduction to Wireless Communications Onramp, a free, self-paced online course that covers the basics of simulating a wireless communications link in MATLAB.

Modeling 5G Millimeter Wave Beamformer Integrated Circuits

This technical article describes the modeling and simulation of the single chip Otava Beamformer IC (BFIC), a wideband 8-channel transmitter and receiver operating at mmWave frequencies.

Deep Learning for Wireless Communications (42:29)

Learn how MATLAB can help you integrate AI techniques (deep learning and machine learning) into your wireless system design and networking projects.

Phased Array Design for Wireless Communications

Learn how to use Phased Array Toolbox™ for a variety of applications in wireless communications.

RF Transceiver Design and Antenna Integration (25:01)

Learn how to design RF transceivers for wireless communications and radar systems. Integrate antennas and RF front ends together with digital signal processing algorithms such as beamforming and control logic.

5G NR Waveform Generation and OTA Testing

This white paper covers the workflow in addressing 5G system design and over-the-air testing challenges using the Wireless Waveform Generator app and 5G Toolbox™.

Design and Prototype SDR Systems

Learn about designing and prototyping SDR systems with MATLAB and Simulink and get resources supporting SDR applications for a variety of wireless engineering tasks.

Deploying 5G NR Design on FPGAs

This white paper describes the process of converting MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models directly into HDL for FPGAs, accelerating over-the-air testing and verification.

Capgemini Accelerates 5G NR O-RAN Development with Arria 10 FPGA

Learn how Capgemini built a 5G O-RAN emulator in 50% development time using MATLAB and Simulink.

Connecting MATLAB to USRP for Wireless System Design (20:05)

Watch an introduction to Wireless Testbench™, which shows how engineers can explore and test wireless reference applications in real time on NI™ SDR hardware.

Verifying Millimeter Wave RF electronics on Zynq RFSoC

Read the technical article about engineers at RF Pixels using MATLAB and Simulink to verify mmWave RF electronics on Zynq® RFSoC boards.