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  • For unmanned vehicles where a desktop computer is the primary computational device, embedded targets can serve to offboard processing so that the desktop has more resources to perform other tasks. Targets can also be used to perform real-time actuator control and sensor acquisition. Some examples include a PandaBoard, BeagleBone, or Raspberry Pi which performs signal processing such as computer vision and point cloud processing. MATLAB I/O can be used to control and acquire data from hardware using MATLAB commands. Simulink and Embedded Coder can be used to generate code out of Simulink models and run the code on the hardware. MATLAB and Simulink can be used to generate HDL for FPGAs.
  • For vehicles where an embedded target is the primary computational device such as flight vehicles, embedded targets can be used perform the flight controller to stabilize and fly the vehicle. Embedded targets can also be used to perform onboard signal processing. Simulink and Embedded Coder can deploy Simulink models to most major flight controllers, including APM and Pixhawk.




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