Previous Research and Development

COVID-19 Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink

Modeling and forecasting the spread tendency of the COVID-19 in China

Deshun Sun et al, Advances in Difference Equations, 2020

A cost–benefit analysis of the COVID-19 disease

Rowthorn and Maciejowski, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, August 29 2020

Modeling Reading Ability Gain in Kindergarten Children during COVID-19 School Closures

Xue Bao et al, Internal Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, September 1 2020

COVID19 Data Fitting with Linear and Nonlinear Regression

Lorand Gabriel Parajdi, MATLAB File Exchange, August 2020


Milan Batista, MATLAB File Exchange, March 2020
MATLAB function

Short-term predictions and prevention strategies for COVID-19: A model-based study

Sk Shahid Nadim et al, arXiv, July 22 2020
paper preprint

Battling COVID-19 with disinfecting robots

Behind the Headlines, April 23, 2020
blog post

Deep Learning for Medical Imaging: COVID-19 Detection

Barath Narayanan, University of Dayton Research Institute
Deep Learning blog, March 18, 2020
blog post with MATLAB code

Social Distancing Monitoring System

Wanbin Song, MATLAB File Exchange, June 10 2020

Antihypertensive drugs in COVID-19 infection

Pinto-Siestsma et al, European Heart Journal, June 5 2020

Modeling and prediction of COVID-19 in Mexico applying mathematical and computational models

Torrealba-Rodriguez O et al, Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals, May 30 2020

Forecast Possible Risk for COVID-19 Epidemic Dissemination Under Current Control Strategies in Japan

Zhongxiang Chen et al, Internal Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, May 29 2020

Automatic Identification of SARS Coronavirus using Compression-Complexity Measures

Karthi Balasubramanian et al,bioRxiv, March 27 2020
paper preprint and MATLAB code

An SIR model with behavior

John Cochrane, The Grumpy Economist, May 4 2020
blog with MATLAB code

Early Transmission Dynamics in Wuhan, China, of Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia

Qun Li, M. Med et al, New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), March 26, 2020

Data-based analysis, modelling and forecasting of the COVID-19 outbreak

Cleo Anastassopoulou et al, NCBI, March 31, 2020


Ajitesh Srivastava et al, arXiv, April 27 2020
paper preprint and MATLAB code and video

Computer Vision For COVID-19 Control: A Survey

Anwaar Ulhaq et al, arXiv, May 5 2020
paper preprint

Matlab Wrapper for Johns Hopkins University's COVID-19 Data Set

Brian Munsky, GitHub, March 2020
GitHub repo with data, MATLAB code and app

Covid (v3) – data visualizations

Alessandro Esposito, April 2 2020
blog post with links to MATLAB code

Healthcare impact of COVID-19 epidemic in India: A stochastic mathematical model

Kaustuv Chatterjee et al, ScienceDirect, April 2 2020

Analyzing Novel Corona Virus COVID-19 Dataset

Toshi Takeuchi, Loren on the Art of MATLAB blog, March 16, 2020
blog post with MATLAB code using Kaggle dataset

Coronavirus – Data Mining

Alessandro Esposito,, March 15, 2020
post with links to MATLAB code

Coronavirus Projections

Wayne Moss, Cummins Inc.,
March 24, 2020
LinkedIn post with MATLAB code

Dynamic modeling and analysis of COVID‐19 in different transmission process and control strategies

Lin Hu and Lin‐Fei Nie, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, August 29 2020

Herd immunity thresholds for SARS-CoV-2 estimated from unfolding epidemics

Ricardo Aguas et al, medRxiv, August 31 2020
paper preprint and GitHub MATLAB repo

Non Pharmaceutical Interventions for Optimal Control of COVID-19

Muhmmad Zamir et al, NIH NLM, July 21 2020


Scott Payne, MATLAB File Exchange, June 24 2020

COVID 19 Simulator

Nir Gavish, MATLAB File Exchange, June 30 2020

Sequence analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genome reveals features important for vaccine design

Jacob Kames et al, bioRxiv, March 31 2020
paper preprint

Covid-19: Testing Inequality in New York City

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé et al, National Bureau of Economic Research, April 2020
working paper

Impact of population mask wearing on Covid-19 post lockdown

Babak and Balaban, Infectious Microbes & Diseases, June 5 2020

Assessing the Risks of Spatial Spread of the New Coronavirus COVID-19

Jiang X et al, Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology, June 4 2020

Insights into the dynamics and control of COVID-19 infection rates

Mark J. Willis et al, PubMed Central, May 28 2020

IKONOS: An intelligent tool to support diagnosis of Covid-19 by texture analysis of x-ray images

Juliana Carneiro Gomes et al, medRxiv, May 9 2020
paper preprint and GitHub repo

Rare and extreme events: the case of COVID-19 pandemic

Machado & Lopez, Nonlinear Dynamics, May 16 2020

Dynamic causal modelling of COVID-19

Karl J Friston et al, arXiv, April 9 2020
paper preprint and MATLAB SPM tools

A multi-region discrete time mathematical modeling of the dynamics of Covid-19 virus propagation using optimal control

Bouchaib Khajji et al, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, March 1 2020

UK Coronavirus Modelling – match to data

Brian Sutton, April 18 2020
blog post

Deep Learning Analysis of COVID-19 lung X-Rays using MATLAB

FlyLogical,, April 8, 2020
blog post with MATLAB code

In-host Modelling of COVID-19 Kinetics in Humans

Esteban A. Hernandez-Vargas et al, medRxiv, April 15 2020
paper preprint

Ultra-Low-Cost Integrated Silicon-based Transducer for On-Site, Genetic Detection of Pathogens

Estefania Nunez-Bajo et al,, March 23, 2020
paper preprint

El modelo SEIRV aplicado a la epidemia de coronavirus en Wuhan, China

Francisco Villatoro, La Ciencia de la Mula Francis blog, March 14, 2020
blog post with MATLAB code (en español)

The effect of control measures on COVID-19 transmission in Italy: Comparison with Guangdong province in China

Pei-Yu Liu et al, Infectious Diseases of Poverty, September 16 2020

Parameter Estimation of COVID-19 Pandemic Model with Self Protection

Kassahun Getnet Mekonen et al, medRxiv, August 26 2020
paper preprint

Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Mobilization of Assessments in COVID-19-like Pandemics: A Case Study for Early Flattening of the Curve

Simsek and Kantarci, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, May 14 2020
paper and Cleve's MATLAB simulator link

Modeling shield immunity to reduce COVID-19 epidemic spread

Joshua S. Weitz et al, Nature, May 7 2020
paper and MATLAB code

Short-range airborne route dominates exposure of respiratory infection during close contact

Wenzhao Chen et al, ScienceDirect - Building and Environment, June 2020

Chaos game representation dataset of SARS-CoV-2 genome

Raquel del M. Barbosa and Marcelo A.C. Fernandes, ScienceDirect, June 2020

COVID-19 Predictions in Africa using the SIR-Model

smsinks, MATLAB File Exchange, May 31 2020

A model based study on the dynamics of COVID-19: Prediction and control

Manotosh Mandal et al, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, May 10 2020

Ultra-Low-Cost Integrated Silicon-based Transducer for On-Site, Genetic Detection of Pathogens

Estefania Nunez-Bajo et al, bioRxiv, March 25 2020
paper preprint

Rapid community-driven development of a SARS-CoV-2 tissue simulator

Yafei Wang, bioRxiv, April 2 2020
paper preprint

Forecasting the timeframe of coronavirus and human cells interaction with reverse engineering

Ayesha Sohail et al, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, April 29 2020

Equipos y Máquinas en Establecimientos de Salud

Jorge Mírez, jmirezmedical, May 6 2020

Classification of COVID-19 patients from chest CT images using multi-objective differential evolution–based convolutional neural networks

Dilbag Singh et al, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, April 7 2020

Predictive Monitoring of COVID-19

SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab, May 1 2020
Post with links to code and data

COVID-19: Simulating exponential spread in Simulink

Guy Rouleau, Guy on Simulink, March 23, 2020
blog post with downloadable Simulink model

Understanding COVID-19 Research Articles using Text Analytics in MATLAB

Sohini Sarkar, COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19), April 10, 2020
Kaggle blog post with links to MATLAB code

Why it is Important to Take the Virus Seriously – or Why This Isn't Just Like the Flu

Pascal Wallisch, New York University,, March 16, 2020
blog post

Corona Detection using AI--Deep Learning Approach Software to Detect Corona in Lung CT scan

Prasad Kalane, Anubhuti Research & Development Center, March 17, 2020
LinkedIn post with links to MATLAB code