Software Upgrade Service

Upgrading to the latest software version gives access to new functionality for improved performance, scalability, management of complexity, and compliance with regulatory standards.

MathWorks Consulting Services applies best practices gained from previous customer upgrades, and insider knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink enhancements to help you complete a seamless and efficient migration to a new release.

Software Upgrade Service

Upgrade Plan - Mitigate Risk and Maximize New Functionality Benefits

We assess your current models, tools, and development processes and develop a customized upgrade strategy. We identify new MATLAB and Simulink features that can be leveraged to meet your current and future business and technical goals. We ascertain any custom tools, patches, and infrastructure that can be retired or optimized with the upgrade.

Upgrade Impact Testing and Issues Resolution

MathWorks Consultants perform an upgrade impact test on your practice workflow, models, tools, and development processes that highlights and addresses any issues. We document any incompatibilities and issues related to your models, processes, custom and third-party tools and work with you to resolve them.

Testing Framework, Upgrade Automation Tools, and Training

We develop a regression-testing framework to support your upgrade verification, development testing, and future upgrade efforts. We build upgrade automation tools that reduce effort and ensure consistency by automating manual steps in the migration process.

Next, MathWorks Consultants migrate your models, tools, and processes to the new version. This effort can range from a few representative models to an entire project. We provide you with step-by-step documentation of your migration and identify training needs, produce materials, and provide training on relevant new features, tools, and best practices for adoption.

MathWorks Consultants:

  • Use insider knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink enhancements to help you realize the full value of your technology investments
  • Minimize risks, avoid downtime, and lower costs by completing an efficient upgrade
  • Provide an upgrade framework, automation tools, and documentation for use in development testing and future upgrades
  • Migrate your models, tools, and processes to the new version and provide training on relevant new features


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